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The Special Feature
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Union of Nature, Movement & Coaching

There are moments in life in which it is suddenly crystal clear that it's all about you now. It's for you and only you to find out, how to make the best decisions, how to live a more meaningful life, what to discover next, what to let go off, where to get energy from or what step to take next.

Coaching as a method of personal development holds the assumption that you know exactly what's best for you, and where your next developmental step will take you to. Hiking grants an access which is faster and more direct than the one that takes place in a closed room in a classical setting.

What keeps you from acting the way you feel?

WanderCoaching Seminars integrate specific elements, which are especially effective when combined:

  • A timeout of several days’ duration help to get distance from the daily routine
  • Moving of body and mind
  • the Power of nature
  • the Exchange with others who are moved my similar issues
  • the Supervision of the inner processes through experienced coaches

This way WanderCoaching moves you in the true sense of the word – your body and mind, your desires and beliefs, and your future.

The Power of Nature and Movement

Many of us are familiar with day-to-day work carried out within walls. Workshops, Seminars, Meetings … The air is standing still. Nothing moves. We feel trapped and locked-up.

What if there was space to see the deep blue sky, space to feel into the springiness of our own steps, space to listen to the gurgling of a brook, space to feel the wind in one's face and to smell the aromatic forest floor?

In direct contact with nature we humans are more receptive to new ideas, more open to unusual thoughts and it's far more easy to connect with our own feelings. Already after a few hours spent in nature our immune systems gets a boost, blood pressure, cortisol and the pulse rate drop, and along with them the stress level. Peace enters creating space for necessary changes.

The healing effect of nature is long known in Japan where the therapeutical wood-bathing “shinrin yoku” is used. The Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich is doing research in this respect. Through movement this positive effect is even more increased. The two combined support certain qualities of exploration: It becomes easier to change perspectives and to think out of the box, our creativity gets a boost and new ideas appear, we are simply more open and curious.

Our willingness to retreat from everyday life and to focus on inner movements creates space for deep self-realization and gives orientation. The vastness of the mountains and the perfect order of nature, her diversity, her richness and her beauty open our eyes for fullness, everything that already exists and can be made fruitful.

Our Philosophy

We strongly believe that successful development draws from abundance. It integrates all experiences already made as a precious resource. We happen to believe that profound foresightful change rests on our acknowledgement of our own goals, skills, wishes and hopes. Being in the mountains and moving allows us to meet ourselves and others way differently than in our normal course of life: deeply and very personally. Especially in times of redirection it is important to get in contact with yourself. Hiking, nature, exchange with other participants and the professional support through our coaches provide assistance in this regard.

On which topics does a WanderCoaching make a difference?

People come to WanderCoaching with different concerns and questions:

"Auch Monate nach der Wanderung denke ich viel an die reichen Momente in den Bergen und profitiere beruflich und privat davon."
Katharina B., Unternehmensberaterin
"Einzigartige Kombination aus geführtem Wandern und strukturierter Selbstentwicklung – sehr empfehlenswert!"
Nicolai W., Manager Business Development
"WanderCoaching ist das Beschreiten und Erkennen von neuen Wegen."
Kirsten N., Zahnärztin
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Wherever there is a desire for change and development …

… the combination of hiking and coaching can get you on track!

WanderCoaching seminars by MovingMountains follow a lively dramaturgy. Together with a group of people moved by similar things, you set off. First of all, it is time to leave the daily routine behind, to come back to yourself completely and to perceive yourself. Then we get in and explore the field of possibilities. On the way in the mountains, all the senses open for the wideness, you create space for the view inside and come in contact with nature and in motion.

Hiking in the Alps, the Saxon Switzerland and other natural landscapes

On the hikes from hut to hut a unique mountain world awaits you

  • of extensive meadows
  • rugged rocks and
  • promising mountain trails.

The distances are easy to handle at an average fitness level. The focus is less on the athletic performance, but rather on the inner exploration. On the hike, you reflect on your current situation, create new perspectives and prepare yourself for new challenges.

Alpine lodgings - from simple mountain huts with shared sleeping areas to fully equipped mountain hotels - provide you with good regional cuisine in the mornings and evenings on the tour. At lunchtime we take a break together, either with packed lunches or with a stop. As a rule, the food is rather hearty, but there are also vegetarian options everywhere.

Methodological diversity

Our work is based on a systemic coaching approach backed up with our experiences in various fields: self-organisation, leadership development, innovation and creativity tools, conflict management and communication, integral theory, nature coaching and vision quest. WanderCoaching Seminars offer a combination of ambitious sections as well as quiet phases, conversations in small groups as well as individual coaching, workshop units and exercises. The exchange with other participants offers the chance to learn from each other and nature as a guide is always there. So you explore your topic from all sides and learn a method of personal development, which you will be able to use later on without help.

We accompany you on a journey to yourself, offering you a unique personality seminar for your individual development.

Methods we work with

Safe space

WanderCoaching can lead to an intense process with yourself. You decide at any time how deep you want to go and what you communicate. We will create a secure environment for you to engage in this experience.

Effect and potential of WanderCoaching

A WanderCoaching Tour provides a very effective framework for initiating inner change, exploring untapped potential, exploring new possibilities, establishing an effective practice of introspection, exploring solutions, developing visions, and looking at what is pleasurable. Above all, this path to yourself can be the first step to great changes that unfold spontaneously. Because you have already gone the way to your summit.

On your personal journey you will be accompanied by competent Coaches. Get to know more about us.

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