Purpose Nature-Hike Coaching

Juli, 2020

202029Jul01AugPurpose Nature-Hike Coaching4 DAYS OF ORIENTATION AND MEANING MAKING

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Do you want to make your life meaningful and make it aligned with your values?

With the Purpose WanderCoaching you come into contact with your forgotten or yet undiscovered needs and passions. You gain clarity for what really matters to you and connect with your resources. In contact with yourself, the group, nature and the coaches you gather strength, motivation and energy to realize your vision in everyday life. With new courage and clarity you make wise decisions and take concrete next steps.

2-3 coaches accompany your process with coaching, peer coaching, impulses, workshops, using occasions for self-encounter and guiding you to access the wisdom of nature. Together with you like-minded people come along who share challenges similar to yours. Walking from accommodation to accommodation we spend 4 days in nature.

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Juli 29 (Mittwoch) 9:00 - August 1 (Samstag) 17:00


Bavarian Alps

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1.440 € incl. 19% VAT for private payers || 2.000 € excl. 19% VAT for company payers || The price includes the cost for the seminar, accommodation and breakfast.

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