The world is upside down ... And where are you?

My Purpose Journey

Online and offline with hiking elements

Crisis is a time in between

Crisis is the latinized form of the Greek word krisis, meaning "turning point". What has been familiar up to now is coming to an end and no longer works. The New has not yet arrived and we do not know what is coming. It is perfectly normal to experience uncertainty in such a time. At the same time, this space in between calls us to recalibrate ourselves, to find out what is really important and to align the still new uncertain future with it and to help shaping it.This applies to each and every one of us personally - and also to us as a society, as a world community. We all want to support each other in pursuing these questions. That is why we have created the “My Purpose Journey” .

Online where necessary - outside where possible

Group sessions in VideoCall

Inspiring Impulses

Individual coaching during the walk

PeerCoaching with like-minded people

Exercises for you at home & in nature

Your Purpose Journey - that is what is waiting for you:

  • Module 1 – Where does my journey lead to?
    • Itinerary, getting to know the coaches and the group
    • Define your needs and goals
  • Module 2 – What is important to me?
    • Seeing and taking longing seriously
    • Recognizing wishes and needs
  • Module 3 – What's stopping me?
    • Tracking down beliefs
    • Recognizing and dissolving blockades
  • Module 4 – What gives me direction?
    • Exploring values
    • Readjusting the compass
    • Bringing your vision to life
  • Module 5 – What gives me strength?
    • Making resources conscious
    • Tracking down energy sources
  • Module 6 – Now it starts!
    • Transfer to everyday life
    • Bring your purpose to life

Often we live with only half of our energy, because we do not really know what we want. Everything seems only half right for us. Or we live with full power but don't get where we want to go. Somehow we remain dissatisfied.

We want to embrace the worry about the future with the magic of the present moment . Everyone who sets out to explore his or her own path, consciously and actively follows it, and orients his or her own actions towards it, contributes to changing the world. Because we really hope that the world will be a different one after this crisis. That not everything will return to normal. That we will instead have used the chance for development .

Meaningful life - exploring purpose

  • We wish for loveThe love of the bouncing, vibrating heart. First of all the love for ourselves and then also the love for the "enemy", especially in times of conflict.
  • We wish for truth. Deep honesty. Insights from the universal principles. The confidence to act out of uncertainty. 
  • We wish for enchantment. The magic of contact - with shyness and with courage. The magic of synchronicity. The magic of contemplation and discovery.

We all want to encourage ourselves to set out on our journey:

with a critical mind - on the trail of truth, no matter what!
with a connected heart - trusting in love, no matter what!
with a vital belly - expressing the feelings in us, no matter what!

Especially now we long to meet each other, to go into deep exchange, to share our thoughts and feelings. Particularly now this is not possible. We still want to make it possible.

In the coming weeks we will accompany you (as the situation allows): Together and on your personal “My Purpose Journey”In a group of like-minded people, online and offlinewith corona-compatible hiking elements in the countryside, connected via telephone or zoom, in group sessions, individual coaching and Peer coachingwith corona-compatible impulses and exercises to do on your own. 

Then write us to or give us a call: 0049/179 2945355. We will start as soon as we have been formed into a group. Currently we are planning to start around Easter. Of course you can also tell us your availability. Then we will try to take that into account.

Your time-based investment

    • 6 content modules + closing session over a period of 7 weeks
    • Each module contains:
      • VideoCall in the group with impulses, if required with small group work
      • Peer coaching
      • Exercises at home and in nature
      • Individual coaching*, by telephone, e.g. when going for a walk
    • Your weekly invest: 4-7 hours

*3 individual coaching sessions per participant in total, distributed as required

Your financial investment

We want to make it possible for everyone to participate in the “My Purpose Journey” . Therefore we have decided on the following price model. Please choose your own category. Money should not be an obstacle for participation. Please write to us so that we can look for a solution together.

Which group do you belong to?

Course start date

The My Purpose Journey is starting 28 April and will be finishing 9 June 2020

Die  nächste Journey startet sobald eine neue Gruppe zusammengekommen ist. Hast du Interesse, dann melde dich telefonisch bei Günter unter 0049/179 2945355 (Günter) or by e-mail to .

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