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Many times we have experienced how, in direct contact with nature and on the move, we find ourselves in our inner balance, receptive to new things and more open to unusual thoughts. After just a few hours in nature, peace returns, making room for necessary changes.

Nature and Movement

As process facilitators, coaches and organizational developers, we accompany change. At the same time, we have been passionate mountaineers for years. With MovingMountains we connect these two experiential spaces and take you into the mountains, into the inner change that will shape outer change!

Our Team


Philosopher and Companion for inner and outer transformation

One of the nicest things for me is to attend people's self-liberation. This succeeds in my experience by radical acceptance and experience of what is there. I carry in me the absolute confidence that it does not hurt anymore when you arrive.

#Meditation #SystemicConstellation

Marko Wolf


Ethnologist and Coach

I'm interested in the look behind the supposedly obvious, usual and familiar. What becomes possible when a third way opens in unsolvable situations? What comes to the world (What will come to life) when I have the courage to really get to know myself - with all of its meaning? I accompany people, in a caring attitude to themselves, to live their own way.

#AuthorizeYourself #GivePermissionToYourself #NatureCoaching #VisionQuest #ColdWaterChallenge


Auditor, Optimist and Leadership-Coach

27 years being a business consultant have shown me that our world needs more "listening". I want to support people listen more to themselves to find and live their own vision of life. I want to help them "come home" to themselves.

As a native of Munich, the mountains are a second home to me. There I always have the opportunity to listen and the feeling of being deeply connected with myself, others and nature.

#SpiralDynamics #Acapella #NewLeadership

Günter Westfal


Political scientist, Coach and Systemic Organizational Consultant

I accompany people and organizations in change and learning processes. In doing so, I create spaces in which people can really open up and experience what they are made of. Whether at work or in the private sector. I enjoy working in and with the help of nature. Because when walking thoughts start moving - the new perspective is only one step ahead.

#Self-organization #Leadership #Mindfulness #Yoga


Economist and process facilitator for New Work

As an agile coach and process facilitator, I work on the future of the working world motivated by my own leadership experience. My vision is that we can be human at work, with our worries, fears and hopes. These do not all have to be processed at work. They do not all have to be fulfilled, but they should be heard and given space so that we can work more honestly, intuitively and above all more productively together.

#NewWork #self-leadership #Innovation

Kerstin Nethen Wandercoach


Cultural and Economic scientist, Systemic Therapist

How can we bring our own deepest truth and highest potential into this world? What does an organizational culture look like, in which we act as whole human beings and do not put on masks as soon as we enter the office building? I love to open up research areas for and with people in which they can meet themselves in their authenticity in order to create a happier life. Involving the wisdom of nature and the mountains in this process is a great gift.

# Authenticity #Moodiness #World Walk #NewWork #Beingbrave #Globetrotter


Geo and atmospheric scientist, Consultant and Systemic Coach

Strategy consultant with a focus on systemic strategy and organizational development, as well as support of management teams in medium-sized companies. Works as a coach with leaders on their personal challenges and limitations. Provides impetus to initiate and drive change. A strong practical relevance in order to prepare the topic of leadership appealing and suitable for everyday use is important to him.

#MapMaker #DecentRealisation  #MountainOffice

Dominik Sennes

Unsere Partner

#LDI #LeadingChange #TransformationAtWork

#NewWork #KollektiveFührung #CoCreation

#Innovation #StartupMindset #CompanyBuilding

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