Development Intensive

“As a leader and as a human being you don’t have to change yourself, you just have to come home to yourself – and that changes everything.”

Leadership starts right here: With you!

This course takes you to your next level of development. The LDI helps you to move from an "automatic" to an "authentic" way of life and to get involved with everything you are - everything you do. The LDI also helps you to master challenges in your capacity as a leader and simply as a person.

Especially in the current fast changing VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous), research has shown that adaptability to change is the core competence for sustainable success. But how? It happens by discovering your own authentic leadership style and bringing it in. The LDI enables you to liberate the leader that already lies within you waiting.

We offer this course, which is unique in German-speaking countries, in cooperation with the Scherer Leadership Center, which has been running this course for more than 30 years with leaders from over 40 countries. Now MovingMountains puts this marvellous program in a breathtaking environment, which will further support you to revolutionise your ability to lead yourself, your team and your organisation.

We work holistically and experience-oriented: These days will not only address you mentally, but also physically, emotionally and spiritually. In this way the insights will be anchored on a deeper level and the learned abilities will become part of your everyday life. The modules are designed to help you question your present way of thinking. They will fundamentally expand the scope of your leadership style and thus touch the people around you.

What to expect

5 Questions that change everything

Is LDI for me?

You're in the right place in an LDI if you're looking for answers to one or more of the following questions:

“Leadership is not about changing yourself, it’s about coming home to yourself - and that changes everything.”

“Understanding and working with myself using the 5 questions was an unbelievable rollercoaster and such a brilliant outcome. I call this a truly transformational process and a life-changing experience.”
Business Owner, Netherlands
“I feel blessed having had the opportunity to experience the LDI - my life has changed now and I will not go back to what it was before.”
Senior Leader, Lithuania
“If we can bring a critical mass of our Partner to go through the LDI this would be a game changer for our organisation.”
PwC Partner, Poland
“It is a wonderful mix of theory and practical exercises on body, mind and spirit, which all together made it an unforgettable and transformational experience for me.”
Engineer PhD, Germany
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The LDI builds on your strengths and helps you discover and use abilities that you may not even have known you possess.

The LDI is not simple Leadership Training, but Leadership 'Development'.

‘Development’ comes from the old French word 'desveloper', which means 'discover', 'unpack', 'find'. In this sense the LDI helps you to discover and develop your inner source of meaning, power and peace, instead of trying to train certain technical skills. You realize how your patterns of thought and behavior have influenced, determined and perhaps limited you - possibly in all areas of your life.

In the LDI process, you realize how much untapped potential is in conflict situations and unpleasant personality traits. You have the opportunity to practice your new insights, to realign and calibrate your inner compass consciously.

The LDI is not a mere "sit-down-and-take-notes" experience. You will put the models and theories into practice and do so intensively. After completing the program, you will be able to apply them concretely and use them for your further personal and professional development.

What the LDI process does for you

Processes and tools for your transformation

Competent coaches will accompany you on your personal development path. Get to know more about us.

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